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Do I Need A Spring Pre-Emergent?

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR and i'd like to talk to you today about spring pre-emergence and the importance of them. Removing weeds from your yard can be a difficult task. Going out and pulling weeds from your turf or from your flower beds, you can remove them...

What Fertilizer Do I Use For My Flowers?

Hey guys, Martha with LBR. I'm here to talk to you right now about fertilizing your flowers, fall annuals and spring bulbs. What we like to use at LBR is Plant-tone. It's an organic fertilizer that is slow release. It's not temperature regulated, which means it...

Planting Pansies and Violas

  Hey guys, Martha with LBR and here we are talking about the differences between pansies and violas and the different colors that they come in. So pansies come in two different types. One is going to be blotch. Blotch means it will have what we call a face on it. The...

Catch Basins and Drain Pipe Install

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR here with Ralph at a client's house here in Tulsa. This client had some issues that had a patio put in and noticed after the patio was put in that there was a lot of water, standing water in her flower beds that she said that wasn't...

How To Winterize My Sprinkler System

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR I'm here with Ralph we're talking about, believe it or not, winterizing your sprinkler or irrigation system at your house or place of business. There's a few steps you can follow to make sure you don't start your sprinkler system up...

What Does A Sprinkler Backflow Do?

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR The Outdoor Service Company. I'm here today with Ralph, and we're talking about backflows. What's the point in them? What do they do? Do you need them? Do you not need them? Well what's the point having a backflow on your sprinkler...

Army Worm Eggs

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR The Outdoor Service Company. We're out doing some property checks today and we're seeing a possible second round of army worms. It's been about 30 days since our last outbreak and what we're seeing right now are a few worms crawling...

What Sprinkler Heads Are in My Turf?

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR the outdoor service company. I'm here with Ralph today and we're here to talk about two different types of sprinkler heads that you will typically find in your yard. We got a Pop-Up here it looks like, and it looks like we got a Rotor....

When Should I Water My Lawn

        Hey guys, Randy with LBR the outdoor service company, and  I'm here with ralph. We're standing by this Rain Bird control box and we get a lot of calls in the office this time of year, especially since we're into August right now with 100 degree days and not...

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