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Irrigation Services in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, & Nearby Areas of Oklahoma

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Irrigation Services in Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas Like Owasso & Broken Arrow

We offer irrigation design and installation, repairs, startups, and winterization.

Your irrigation system is responsible for ensuring your plants and grass get the hydration they need to thrive throughout the year. If you're looking for a company that can satisfy all your irrigation needs, look no further than our team at LBR. We offer irrigation design and installation, repairs, startups, and winterization services to residential property owners in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, and nearby areas in Oklahoma. You can reach us at (918) 252-5296 to sign up for any of our services today!

Irrigation Design & Installation

If you don't have an irrigation system on your property but want to reap the benefits of one, look no further than our irrigation design and installation service! When you schedule this service, our team will inspect its layout and conditions to determine how much water it needs. Then, we'll create a design tailored to your property's specific needs to ensure your lawn and landscape receive optimal water coverage. After that, we'll install your new irrigation system, exercising precision so that we do everything right the first time. We'll also correctly set the timer and controller to provide each area with the water they need when they need it.

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Once we finish installing your irrigation system, we'll recommend an ideal watering schedule to keep your plants and grass well-hydrated.

Irrigation Repairs

Your irrigation system consists of various moving parts that work together. However, this also means that things can malfunction or break, but don't worry - we offer an irrigation repair service to remedy those issues and get your system back to 100%. You can trust that our team has extensive knowledge and training in identifying and fixing anything wrong with it. Some common problems we can repair include the following:

  • Closed Nozzles
  • Broken Risers
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Leaky Valves
  • And More!

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Irrigation Winterization

During the winters here in Oklahoma, the cold temperatures can damage your irrigation system if it isn't properly prepared. Fortunately, we offer an irrigation winterization service to ensure that doesn't happen! Our team will safely shut it down for the winter season, turning off the controllers and water meter to stop your system from dispensing water. Then, we'll drain the backflow and insulate the control box so it doesn't freeze over. That way, your irrigation system is ready and won't lead to costly repairs come springtime!

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Irrigation Startups

After the winter season ends, you'll need to bring your irrigation system back online in the spring so it starts providing much-needed water to your property again. That's where our irrigation startup service comes in! This service involves slowly turning the water back on before setting the control box. Then, we'll set the timers, check whether the rain sensor is working, assign the zones accordingly, and turn back on the backflow preventer. Our team will also turn on the water meter, thoroughly inspect your entire system to locate any possible issues, and, if needed, provide an estimate for necessary repairs.

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At LBR, we offer professional irrigation services to residential property owners in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, and nearby cities in Oklahoma. Whether you need us to design and install a new irrigation system, make repairs, shut it down for the winter, or start it up in the spring - we have you covered. Call us at (918) 252-5296 to sign up for any of our irrigation services today!