Hey guys, Randy with LBR here with Ralph at a client’s house here in Tulsa. This client had some issues that had a patio put in and noticed after the patio was put in that there was a lot of water, standing water in her flower beds that she said that wasn’t there before. So this particular case here, we installed some catch basins to catch the water runoff from the patio and from the house. These are all connected with 4? NDS pipe. Ralph, these are all connected here, what did we end up doing to collect the water here and where are we sending the water to? So as Randy stated we started here with the 9×9 catch basin 4? pipe got as close as we can to the house to collect all the water that we’re trying to help prevent going into the garage and into the bottom of the house’s foundation. So we’re starting here on this corner we’re going to bring it and rerouted it underneath the curve there. And so we kept going here we added a three there, we added one here at another low spot, and then we went underneath there to catch another catch basin at that corner towards the lowest elevated area. Then we ended up tying in to that existing drain there. Let’s walk over here and take a look at this. So what we have covered up over here, is what we have right here. A 9? catch basin, couplings or connectors here into the catch basin curve right here in to another catch basin, and then we tied into the drain with a Y right there, right? That’s correct. So now all this water that’s coming out from there, we’ll start it off by tying into this existing system, and then we’ll drain it off towards the backyard there where it’s all low, it’s elevated. We should have no more issues with standing water here. Awesome. Great job guys. If you have any questions give us a shout 918-252-5296 or shoot us a message on the web at: lbrtulsa.com.