Hey guys, Randy with LBR and i’d like to talk to you today about spring pre-emergence and the importance of them. Removing weeds from your yard can be a difficult task. Going out and pulling weeds from your turf or from your flower beds, you can remove them today and within a day or two more weeds have taken their place. You can mow one day and within a day or two the grass may still be at a decent height, but the weeds are much taller than the grass and it just makes yard look primey and you have to mow again. Another thing that we’re noticing, and check out these pictures here, some of our properties that we’ve treated have not needed to be mowed yet. We haven’t even had to have to send a crew as of the excellent pre-emergent that we put down, versus our neighbors properties that are I have mowed multiple times already. So not only does it look better with the spring pre-emergent but it saves you mowing as well. You won’t be fighting the spring weeds that you get like the pretty purple flowers that everybody talks about, which is the Henbit. It’ll eliminate that, it eliminates the dandelions that you see popping up in your yard. And then the other weeds you’ll fight later on this year, like whether it’s Dallas grass or Crab grass. It eliminates all of that with a good spring pre-emergent. One of the most important things about a spring pre-emergent is the time that you put it down. If you get it down at the right time you it will make the battle of fighting weeds so much easier. The later it gets put down in the year the more weeds you will be fighting on your lawn. So if there’s anything we can help you with, your yard as far as getting it free and green, give us a shout at 918-252-5296 or check us out on the web at lbrtulsa.com.