Hey guys, Randy with LBR I’m here with Ralph we’re talking about, believe it or not, winterizing your sprinkler or irrigation system at your house or place of business. There’s a few steps you can follow to make sure you don’t start your sprinkler system up this spring with a lot of breaks. Ralph’s here to tell you about the steps that he takes to eliminate any repairs in the springtime. So step one just take your basic water meter key. You should have a water meter to the irrigation system separately, and you shut it off at the water meter itself. Or if you don’t have a water meter to the irrigation separately, you should have a separate shut off that should be next to the water meter itself. Step two? So step two we’ll go ahead and open up this little seal and on the backflow itself, and just give them a quarter turn right or left and that will help bleed off the system and it will relieve the pressure from the backflow. Step three we’ll go ahead into the timer and we can turn the timer to off, or what I like to do just to take extra precautions would be cycle your control timer from station one through however many zones you have. Either one minute or two minutes should be efficient, and then go ahead and turn the timer to off. For those that don’t have a shutoff before the backflow, so you have your water meter, your backflow and then it runs to your house. What do those people need to do? I’ve seen properties you go to that they have heat tape around their back flows, does that help, when do they need that, do they not need that? Well believe it or not heat tape and insulation foam, even with the backflow cover and a hard case cover, is not a 100% guarantee it will not freeze. That is just precautions for any kind of cautionary if you don’t have a shut off that’s below the frost level, please give us a call we can come and install one and then we can shut and winterize your irrigation system properly. Awesome if we can help you out, give us a shout 918-252-5296 or shoot us a message on the web at lbrtulsa.com.