Hey guys, Martha with LBR and here we are

talking about the differences between pansies and violas and the different colors that they come in. So pansies come in two different types.

One is going to be blotch. Blotch means it will have what we call a face on it. The center is a darker color than the outside. Next we have clear. Clear, as you can tell there’s no face, it’s a solid color all the way through. That’s how you differentiate between the types of pansies and that you’re asking. For blotched or clear.

Then we move on to Violas. Violas are going to have a smaller head on them. The clear ones without a face these are going to be called your Sorbets. Any Viola that has what we call a back wing, the top two petals are going to be different. These are called Jump Ups. Now all of these come in an assortment of colors. From anywhere from yellow to purple, red, pink, white, orange, basically anything in the landscaping world that you can think of they will come in.

For these they also come in different mixes of the different colors sometimes already pre-mixed. So if you have a specific color in mind, give us a shout 918-252-5296 or visit us on the website at lbrtulsa.com. Thanks!