Hey guys Randy with LBR, the outdoor service company. I’m here with our John Deere tractor. This is a 50 75E. It’s a 75 horse power tractor with a E12 Flex Wing brush hog. The tractor itself is designed to brush hog on slopes and we’ve actually did some modifications to it to be able to handle those slopes better. All four tires are fluid filled, which creates more weight and more stability. We also have a weight kit on the front of the tractor. The e-12 is a 12-foot flex-wing brush hog so we can cover quite a little bit of ground at one time and cover it safely with our specialized tractor. In addition to this machine we also have a RC Mower the only one in our area that I know of. This machine is a remote control mower where the operator or individual operating the machine can be at a safe distance away from the machine and operate on a 45 degree slope pretty rough terrain it’s a pretty awesome machine. I just wanted to show you guys what we are capable of handling. We have very specialized equipment to handle all of your needs. Watch a short video at the end of this.