Hey guys, Randy with LBR The Outdoor Service Company. I’m here today with Ralph, and we’re talking about backflows. What’s the point in them? What do they do? Do you need them? Do you not need them? Well what’s the point having a backflow on your sprinkler system? So for one, they are needed by city code. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, so that’s it for one. Plus, two if you don’t have one please give us a call and we can install one for you. If you don’t know what a backflow is, we’re going to go over a couple things about it. A backflow is used to help prevent water from back siphoning into your drinking water. It’s a one-way valve and it goes in directly from your water meter to the backflow, then it goes into the sprinkler system. This helps prevent any water from back siphoning into the drinking water. So water feeds in from this side, comes through here, check valve, and keeps water from coming back. So if on our sprinkler system we have a break on this side and we get dirt or anything in it, it won’t come back into the water and stays out of the drinking water? That’s correct. Okay so if you have an emergency, you can shut it off at one of these valves here. If it’s broken beyond this point over here on this backside, you have to shut it off at the water meter. There you have it. If you guys have any questions about back flows, give us a shout at 918-252-5296 or shoot us a message on the web at lbrtulsa.com.