Hey guys, Martha with LBR. I’m here to talk to you right now about fertilizing your flowers, fall annuals and spring bulbs. What we like to use at LBR is Plant-tone. It’s an organic fertilizer that is slow release. It’s not temperature regulated, which means it doesn’t depend on the temperature for it to continuously slow release the fertilizer out to your plants. Why this is important is: pansies are a high feeding plant, which means they like lots of nutrients. This is why we like Plant-tone. You might see other fertilizers as a variant would be Osmocote. Osmocote is temperature regulated. So when it gets to 32 degrees it stops giving out that fertilizer to the plants. Why this is so important? Pansies go through the winter.

As you know, they bloom all winter long, and they bloom through the spring. Well to get through those cold patches, they’re wanting to eat a lot. When it’s not there because your fertilizer is temperature regulated, they’re going to suffer and not pop back as fast when it starts to warm up. So you know in Oklahoma, we might get a freeze overnight and then by the end of the day it’s in the 50s. Your pansies that aren’t getting that extra nutrients from a slow release fertilizer that is not temperature regulated, they’re going to have a hard time popping back up out of that freeze. So that’s why at LBR we like to use Plant-tone. So if we can get you a quote on your fall annuals, give us a call at 918-252- 5296 or we can give you a quote online at lbrtulsa.com.