Hey guys, Randy with LBR the outdoor service company. I’m here with Ralph today and we’re here to talk about two different types of sprinkler heads that you will typically find in your yard. We got a Pop-Up here it looks like, and it looks like we got a Rotor. Well what’s the biggest difference between the two, or where do you normally find them? So Rotors, we’ll start off with this rotor here this Rotor head. Rotors will shoot anywhere from 25 to 35 feet depending on the psi of the pressure, and you’ll find these usually in turf. If you find this in your flower bed then please give us a call and we’ll correct that. This pop up here is a 4? Pop-Up and you usually find these in flower beds and in turf. And this guy here will reach anywhere from 5 feet to 20 feet, and you’ll find that mainly inside of your flower beds, but in turfs as well. And this is a 4? Pop-Up? Yes, this is a 4? Pop-Up. And what links do they come in? Because I’ve seen some that are pretty good. They come in 4?, a 6? and a 12,” and it just depends on your foliage and depends on the height of turf that you have. That’s why they make them in different sizes, and depending on your psi as well. That’s the big key factor. If you have enough pressure to pressure up a zone with the 6? or 12.” And these Rotor heads they also come in bigger sizes as well, but this is your standard, which is 6.” And you will find those in the turf. Awesome there you have it. We can help you out with any of your sprinkler needs. Give us a shout, 918-252-5296 or check us out on the web:lbrtulsa.com. Have a good one.