Hey guys, Randy with LBR the outdoor service company, and I’m here with ralph. We’re standing by this Rain Bird control box and we get a lot of calls in the office this time of year, especially since we’re into August right now with 100 degree days and not much rain the last couple weeks. The main question we get when we get a phone call about irrigation is “How often should I water?” and “When should I water?” So to answer that, I got the pro here Ralph. Ralph what should we tell people? How often should they be watering and when should they water? When we have this 100 plus degree weather, we have we suggest you guys water every day. How often will depend on your turf, square footage on your turf. And on your flower beds, the same. The foliage and the square footage of your foliage. Range of time to water flower beds of five to ten minutes, and anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for your turf. Keep in regards that this is your water bill and you guys want to be mindful about that as well. When would be the best time to water? I suggest you try to water early in the morning, somewhere between four o’clock to six o’clock. Depending on what time everybody wakes up at the household will affect your water pressure if you guys are getting up at the same time your irrigation is running. So you definitely want to keep that in mind as well. Now what about a rain-free sensor? Some people think that it’s only for wintertime and that you only need a rain-free sensor when it gets cold and that’ll tell my sprinkler system not to come on and not bust pipes. But how useful is it in the summer time, in the heat of the summer like this? So in the heat of the summer and in early fall and spring, you definitely want to have that rain sensor. It will help prevent extra watering that would save on your water bill, as well the extra cost and the fee and when it gets to the lower temperatures. It’ll definitely help out if you are one of those late season waterers, and you are getting to that cold temperature. It will shut the system off so you have no frost or any freezing sidewalks and that can cause hazards. Awesome. There you have it. If we can answer any questions for you, give us a shout 918-252-5296 or check us out on the web lbr tulsa.com. Have a good one.